SeaWorld San Diego Arranging New “Roller Coaster” for 2019

SeaWorld San Diego Arranging New “Roller Coaster” for 2019

SeaWorld San Diego has submitted options to make what is explained as a new roller coaster for the park’s 2019 period.  The options, which can be viewed at this link (whilst the agenda is reside at least), describe the addition as follows:

The proposed new 22-foot high coaster will include about 800 sq. feet, and features the new coaster, two 250 sq. foot loading ramps sited on the east and west finishes of the new attraction with connected open shade constructions not to exceed 19 feet in height, and a new 300 sq. foot constructing housing the controls for the roller coaster.  New landscaping and hardscaping improvements are also proposed.  The trip is designed to conform to the aquatic and educational character of SeaWorld by incorporating factors of its “Rising Tide” program which encourages sustainable aquaculture and defense of coral reefs.

© SeaWorld San Diego

The arranging document also contains this look at the trip, and its place.  As you can see the attraction is smaller and the structure is a figure eight when viewed from higher than.  The trip will be created along aspect an existing tide pool, on the far Japanese edge of the concept park, below the Cirque Stadium and tucked subsequent to one part of Shipwreck Rapids.

© Google Maps

Right here is a equivalent look at of the park to go along with the options.  The area in pink will be cleared to let the new trip to go in.  I’m not confident what is there presently, it looks like just landscaping and maybe a smaller retail place – possibly way not a great deal of a decline there.

So now for the trip alone, as a lot of other websites have pointed out (Screamscape, for one), the proportions and structure closely match the Skywarp Horizon product, designed by Skyline Sights.  Right here is a snip of the manufacturer’s internet site, demonstrating this edition:

© Skyline Sights

The horizon is very similar to the Skywarp that was added to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom this calendar year, but definitely with a distinct structure.  That said, these are powered rides that get the job done a great deal like a Larson Super Loop, so most set these in the “flat trip” classification additional so than the “roller coaster” classification.

Possibly way, it is good to see SeaWorld San Diego expanding once again following constructing a massive roller coaster, Electrical Eel, this calendar year.  Lots of parks have a really quiet calendar year following adding a massive trip, so it is great to see SeaWorld San Diego continuing to drive forward!


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