Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated

Florida Gun Law: Armed And Educated

Discover the answers to questions all gun owners should know, such as: “Can I be sued if I shoot someone in self-defense?,” “If my child gains access to my firearm, am I in trouble?,” and “Can I be charged with a crime for shooting a dog before it bites me?”

Written by attorneys with a passion for firearms, “Armed And Educated” provides Florida gun owners the tools necessary to help prevent a catastrophic mistake that could result in a financial meltdown and legal nightmare. U.S. Law Shield has observed while protecting their 180,000+ members that even though most feel confident, the average gun owner does not know enough gun law to stay completely legal. It is the law that distinguishes murder from self-defense, so if you own a gun and don’t know the law, you are vulnerable! “Get Armed And Educated!”

“Essential reading for any gun owner in Florida! This book’s approach to gun issues is exhaustive and directly on target, and explains in direct, easy to understand language what every Florida gun owner needs to know.”

-Ken Barlow, Jr., B.C.S.
Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, Orlando, FL
Former Prosecuting Attorney, 9.5 years
Former County Judge, January 2009 – January 2015, 6 years

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