21 Reasons to Visit Cozumel Island, Mexico

21 Reasons to Visit Cozumel Island, Mexico

New world meets old in a convergence of culture on gorgeous Cozumel island in the Caribbean off the East coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Surrounded by some of the clearest turquoise waters in the world, it is postcard perfect with amazing visibility making it a world renowned top diving destination.

After Cozumel’s amazing waters were declared by one of the foremost authorities on diving: Jacques Cousteau, as the most spectacular diving in the world, scuba divers have converged on the island bringing a wealth of other cultures along with them.

Even with this injection of tourism molding and creating a new Cozumel, the ancient Maya ways, traditions, Gods and Goddess’s have retained their place within the culture and islands peoples. Ixchel (pronounced Ish-shell) is the islands guardian. One of the most important Mayan goddesses, she remains the undercurrent of the island with many believing Cozumel holds special energy and healing as Ixchel is the mother of all. Goddess of medicine, healing, fertility, motherhood and associated with the moon she is the one to ask permission from before entering the Mayan world.

The oldest ruins on the island, San Gervasio in the middle of the island are dedicated to her, la diosa Ixchel (the goddess Ixchel) and local shaman believe she birthed all of the women of the world no matter of race, color or continent, right there on Cozumel.

This rich cultural heritage means that the island has a relaxed and nice feel to it. Reflected on the faces of the locals, there is a happiness and peace blanketing Cozumel that resides in its residents all over the island. Albeit may be hard to hear during the nightlife in the middle of town, but it is felt strongly when entering the parks, natural places and ruins of the island.

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