St. Augustine (FL) (Images of America)

St. Augustine (FL) (Images of America)

St. Augustine conjures up images of Spanish architecture, a massive fort, splashes of color against a backdrop of river and ocean, and always, always the omnipresent tourist. This ancient town, established along the banks of the Matanzas River in 1565, is the oldest city in America. Founded to protect Spain’s trade route from South and Central America to Europe, this colorful community was thriving years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and decades before Jamestown was settled. No other place in the United States embodies more charm than this hallowed city. Within these pages, images taken from the St. Augustine Historical Society’s archives will educate, enthrall, and entice history buffs, tourists, and residents alike. These vintage photographs will link readers to the past and transform them into more than mere spectators visiting a popular tourist attraction. Rediscover the Spanish connection and see how early settlers built their homes, harvested their crops, educated their children, and protected their land. Walk the same worn and winding paths that the town’s forefathers trod and acknowledge both the good and the bad times of life before modernday conveniences.Used Book in Good Condition

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