Z-MAN GMIN-282PK8 Minnowz

Z-MAN GMIN-282PK8 Minnowz

If ever there was a soft plastic that replicates the look, action and strike-prompting attraction of a live minnow, this 10X Tough ElaZtech bait is…The Z Man MinnowZ 3 Inch Soft Plastic Paddletail Swimbait replicates the strike-evoking action of a live minnow better than any other soft bait.
It has an unparalleled softness and action, thanks to its innovatve design.
It produces a lifelike swimming action at all retrieve speeds.
It is best used by freshwater and inshore anglers.
It is available in 46 different colors and comes in a pack of 6 for a more exciting fishing experience.

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