San Juan Tsile Pueblo Pepper 10+ Seeds

San Juan Tsile Pueblo Pepper 10+ Seeds

IF THE LISTING DOES NOT SAY SHIPPED AND SOLD BY THE CALIFORNIA SEED AND GARDEN COMPANY THEN YOU ARE BUYING FROM A FAKE THAT HAS COPIED MY AMAZON LISTING. YOU RISK GROWING SOMETHING THAT WILL NOT COME TRUE! San Juan Tsile Pueblo chile-(Capsicum annuum)-The San Juan Tsile Pueblo is now been renamed Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. Spanish settler Don Juan Onate established the first capitol city of New Mexico near this Pueblo in 1598. This Pueblo was also the central meeting ground for the 8 Northern Pueblo leaders. It is located just 25 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico and 5 miles north of Espanola. The main language is Tewa. One of the main Pueblos to visit for celebrations and Tribal dances. The San Juan Tsile chile is grow at an altitude of over 5,500 feet. The heat level ranges from mild to medium and flavor is sweet and nutty when red. The San Juan Tsile chile plants grow over two feet tall and produce peppers 3 to 5 inches long.San Juan Tsile Pueblo Pepper is a rare Native American Pepper!
San Juan Tsile chiles good for roasting and drying!
All Seeds are Non GMO
California Seed and Garden Company only one that sells Refining Fire Chiles Brand
You are buying from a Certified California Grower and Nursery

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