Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery

Doc McStuffins: Baby Nursery

12 baby dolls: Collect them all!-each with a unique theme, nursery, outfits & accessories
Meal time: Feed your baby doll different yummy meals
Play time: Bond with ticklish laughs and giggles
Peek-a-boo: Surprise and delight to watch their silly responses
Bath time: Give a soothing bath with lots of bubbles and fun
Change station: Change diapers and play dress up with adorable outfits
Nap time: Soothe your baby doll to sleep with different sights & sounds
Baby Book: Capture your baby dolls’ special moments in your very own, customizable baby book
Bouncer: Play with many activities like the xylophone, twirly flower and more
Birthday Party: Decorate and celebrate with fun party themes, including your very own cake

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