$25 Hotel Advantage Card

$25 Hotel Advantage Card

The Hotel Advantage Card provides buying power on over 500,000 quality hotels worldwide! Your card value will be deducted from our best general public price (not an inflated price). Your card value is real, and guaranteed. This HIGH-VALUE/LOW-COST offer makes it perfect for personal use, or as a gift. Either way, you will love your Hotel Advantage Card, we guarantee it! No purchase quantity limit. While there is no limit to the number of cards you can purchase, ONLY ONE CARD may be redeemed per hotel reservation. No black-out dates or room restrictions. 3-star, 4-star and 5-star quality hotels. No expiration date and your card value will not reduce until redeemed. All reservations are guaranteed. Minimum purchase is required, which will vary from hotel-stay to hotel-stay. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or we will refund your purchase within 7 days of your receipt of the card. View full refund terms at HotelAdvantageCard.com. How to redeem: Register the card upon receipt by visiting HotelAdvantageCard.com, enter your card number and complete the registration. To redeem, simply visit HotelAdvantageCard.com, enter your card number and book your selection online or use our full-service option for personal assistance. When gifting the card, register the card immediately under the recipient’s name or instruct the recipient to register upon their receipt. The card is fully transferrable prior to registration. After registration, the card is not transferrable; however the registered cardholder can make reservations under anyone’s name. View additional FAQs at www.HotelAdvantageCard.com.500,000+ quality Hotels to choose from worldwide
Book your selection online or use our full-service option for personal assistance
Luxury 3-5 star accommodations, domestic and international
All major brands, no blackout dates, Money-Back-Guarantee
Redeem at HotelAdvantageCard.com, or call 877-304-4604 ( US & Canada)

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