Jazz Phrasing Studies – Volume 1 – Universal Edition – Book & CD Play-Along Set for C, Bb and Eb Instruments

Jazz Phrasing Studies – Volume 1 – Universal Edition – Book & CD Play-Along Set for C, Bb and Eb Instruments

Jazz Phrasing Studies – Volume 1 by Greg Fishman Featuring the same great songs from Fishman’s top selling book, Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone, this new book is a universal edition, featuring transposed parts for all treble clef C, Bb, Eb and bass clef C instruments. The play-along CD features demonstration tracks of all ten songs played by Greg Fishman on alto and tenor saxophone, Victor Garcia on trumpet and Russ Phillips trombone. The CD also includes rhythm-section-only tracks, giving the player a choice of playing along with the demonstration track, or playing with just the rhythm section. This book is perfect for individual practice as well as use in a jazz ensemble setting. Used in an ensemble setting, the songs are excellent for working on sight-reading, intonation, phrasing, articulation, section balance, blending, etc. Band directors can easily create instant arrangements by using the rehearsal letters on each song to assign parts to different sections of the band. For example, the saxophone section could play at letter A; the trumpets at letter B; trombones at letter C; and the full ensemble at letter D; Soloists can then be featured playing over the form of the song. Portions of the written melody can also be used as backgrounds for the soloist. This book can also be used for ear-training purposes. One of the best ways to improve the ear is to hear the relationship of the melody notes to the roots of the chords. For example, the romaine section can play the root of each chord, while the saxophone section plays the melody. This approach also works great for individual use, with the user playing the roots while listening to the demonstration tracks on the play-along CD. Each song in the book is based on a popular chord progression and song form, including blues and standards. This book teaches essential elements of good phrasing and melodic development. Includes the songs: Milwaukee Avenue Ogden Avenue Narragansett Avenue Belden Avenue Chicago Avenue Quincy Street Rockwell Street Dearborn Street Franklin Street Pearson Street Handy table of contents makes it easy to find each song for all C (treble and bass clef), Bb and Eb instruments.

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