Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle – Bahamas – 500 Piece

Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle – Bahamas – 500 Piece

Less than 200 miles from the continental United States sits the British Colony of the Bahamas. The largest city in the Bahamas is Nassau which, due to its proximity, has become the top Caribbean cruise port. The history has been a mix of European governorship claims and it was even claimed as a Pirate Republic for a while. When tourism to Cuba was halted in the 1960’s it was a boon for the Bahamas. In 1998 the first phase of the Atlantis Resort redefined the areas tourism. Celebrate this fun culture’s vivid colors with Eric Dowdle from the Queens Staircase to the Straw Market of Nassau Bahamas.Each puzzle has a colorful story to tell
Fun and entertaining items are found within the intricate details of the artwork
Full color image insert with extra zip-lock baggie
Re-closable collectors box with sleeve
Made in America from high quality materials

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